Your On The Go Breathing Meditation Series & Strategic Breathing Kit

Your On The Go is your toolkit to better health, energy, and focus in just three minutes! These breathwork and meditation practices will help you find balance and bliss in as little as a few minutes each day.

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Have you been feeling off your game lately? 

Maybe you might be feeling sluggish... tense... angry... apathetic... or just not sleeping very well...

A lot of us are living in a constant state of un-wellness, and we’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel our best.

Often the people who need to stop and breathe the most, are the people with the least time - which is why we’ve perfected the three-minute meditation!

We use breathing techniques to bring your body chemistry and biology back into balance, making you feel better in as little as just a few minutes.

We can show you...

  • How to start your morning on the right foot, for a full day of flow
  • How to fall asleep with a gentle night-time practice
  • How to release anger through breathwork
  • How to replicate the feeling of a shot of coffee using nothing but your breath

    … all in under three minutes!

At just a one time payment of $47, you’ll have access to a diverse library of strategic sessions from three-minute meditations to twelve-minute practices that can be done On the Go!

If you can spare a few minutes, you can begin to feel better instantly.

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