Weaving together the art and science of breathing to create a life worth breathing for.


Welcome to The Breathing Edge with Shane and Angelina Saunders

Go on a journey of change using different breathing techniques with Shane and Angelina Saunders. The Breathing Edge Podcast simplifies breathing down to its fundamental factors. Making it easy to include it into your current routines. this is the one simple hack that can supercharge all aspects of your life such as business, relationships, finances, wealth and overall wellness.

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Did you know 46.9% of brain power gets wasted on useless thoughts? Using breathing techniques, your body will naturally drop into a meditative state and remove this clutter.

Breathing can be used to leverage your energy, clarity, and sleep and can even help to detox as well as helping absorb the foods you’re eating. It’s awesome.

The podcast has been developed specifically for high achievers, entrepreneurs and people who are wanting to achieve peak performance in any area of their life.

Intrigued? Join the energetic Shane and Angelina on this podcast as Brett Jarman, founder and Executive Producer of the Experts on Air podcast network interviews them to set the stage for future episodes.

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