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Taki Moore Interview: Creating A Workflow That Works For You


This is another interview from our Energised Leader series that looks at the habits and methods of high-performing entrepreneurs worldwide.

In this episode, we’re chatting to Taki Moore, coach marketing and business building expert. In his own words, here’s everything you need to know about him: “Father of six, scaler of coaches, and lover of tacos”.

And here’s a little more information…

Being “broke as a joke” and with his third child on the way pushed Taki to set his first ever goal, to generate $8,000/month income. This led him to take action, specifically his first ever webinar, a strategy that he has since mastered and become famous for, both as a user of webinars and a teacher of webinars as a marketing strategy.

Taki now teaches coaches how to scale their business to seven figures and beyond and says he’s on a mission to eliminate cold-calling, ambulance chasing and high-pressure selling from the coaching industry and replace it with education-based marketing. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • How we met Taki and his experience of our breathing methodology
  • Taki’s background and how his goal setting got him to where he is today
  • His 2018 goal - getting 50 people to their first million dollar year in business - which Taki succeeded at
  • The current goal - to help 75 people get to their next $1m level in their business
  • How high pressure pushes people like Taki to lateral thinking
  • One of the biggest mistakes we all make - complicating things and making them harder than they need to be
  • What Taki believes in - learning to simplify first and multiply second
  • How do you simplify the various parts of your business? And habits and routines?
  • Taking a leaf out of Philippe Starck’s book - “The morning is for thinking and the afternoon is for doing”
  • What Taki does for his clients - gives them permission to be themselves and create an easy workflow
  • Learn what makes you tick and when and build a business around how you work best
  • How Taki works best - stand-up desk, drawing and always moving
  • Hiring a virtual assistant after reading Tim Ferriss’ ‘4 Hour Work Week’
  • How Alex Charfen’s Momentum Planner helps Taki
  • We make ourselves uncomfortable because we tolerate too much
  • What drains Taki - details, logistics, repetitive processes and a lack of quality
  • When Taki feels drained he makes a plan to get rid of the things that make him uncomfortable and does the things that make him happy
  • The things Taki needs to be happy besides friends and family - the best coffee wherever he is, getting a good haircut and going as long as possible without wearing shoes
  • Taki’s daily habits that allow him to live his best life - move, breathe, eat healthy and shoot a video
  • Hiring an accountability coach - Taki’s son asks him every day at 4pm if he’s completed his daily habits to keep him on track
  • The sprint webinar every Friday at 10am to help clients get their tasks done without distractions
  • How Taki manages his remote team - a yearly 3-day workshop on an island
  • Why Taki follows the Pomodoro technique to manage his time
  • Why two 50 minute sprints of work is enough for Taki each day
  • How Taki and his daughter got in trouble with the teacher for incomplete homework
  • Why time limits help put healthy pressure on your work week
  • Social media isn’t essential to build a 7 figure business
  • The importance of choice
  • Taki sees himself more as an artist than a business person
  • What Taki doesn’t want his clients to know
  • Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager books and the importance of fun in business
  • Setting a theme for each year with his wife
  • The propeller plan for travel and adventure
  • Busting the starving artist myth
  • Taki’s book and how it can help with your systems and processes
  • When to fire clients
  • How to avoid waiting for luggage at the airport
  • It’s easier to change the world around you rather than to change yourself

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