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Interview with Jason Bawden-Smith – Learning To Live In A Wireless World

Interview with Jason Bawden-Smith – Learning To Live In A Wireless World

In this episode, we’re geeking out with environmental health expert, Jason Bawden-Smith to look at the harmful effects of technology on the environment and our bodies.

 Jason is a successful entrepreneur, having founded four companies during his career, including JBS&G Environmental, one of the largest environmental consultancy companies in Australia.

 He has over 25 years of experience in environmental health and holds two applied science degrees. He’s also the author of two books - the first, ‘Making Waves - How I Fought Off Sharks To Swim With Dolphins’ shares his life lessons, while his latest book, ‘In The Dark - New Ways To Avoid Harmful Effects Of Living In A Technologically Connected World’, looks at the effects of over-exposure to electromotive forces (EMFs) and how to avoid them.

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Episode highlights:

  • How Jason got to be where he is today health-wise
  • Realising what the real root of his problems was - working in artificial light most of his life was damaging his health
  • Going to the beach and eating oysters - reading up on neuroscientist Dr Jack Kruse’s work
  • Three things that will improve your energy levels - light, water and magnetism
  • Discovering the cure for chronic diseases
  • An explanation of mitochondria - an organelle that is part of a cell
  • On average there are 3,500 mitochondria in every brain cell
  • Biophysics is the missing piece of the puzzle
  • Deuterium-depleted water - what it does and why you should be drinking it
  • Why we should be living as we were designed instead of spending 98% of our lives indoors
  • How deuterium depleted water works to improve your mitochondria
  • Deuterium is not a dirty word - without it babies wouldn’t be born
  • How to flush out deuterium naturally - being in the sun, drinking good quality water, limiting our technology and eating seasonal wholesome foods
  • All fruit is full of deuterium
  • Dr Jack Kruse says low deuterium water is the most powerful medicine on the planet
  • JBS&G Environmental’s goal is to build its own deuterium depleted water plants to make it cheaper and more accessible
  • The results of samples taken from different water sources in Australia
  • Australia has high levels of deuterium in its water
  • High and low deuterium foods - ‘animal candy’ (fruit) should be eaten when it’s in season in the summer only
  • Getting up early and seeing the sunrise
  • UV light receptors in our eyes play an important role in our biology - we don’t need to be wearing sunglasses
  • Blue-blocking and red-blocking light glasses
  • Red light therapy - the sun works better than any red light panel
  • Quantum biology and why it’s the missing link in the health industry
  • Brain cancer stats
  • How to manage your phone and reduce your exposure to radiation
  • Is electromotive force (EMF) the underlying cause of all illness?
  • Sun is the cure for everything - the more sunlight, the less illness
  • Not all blue light is bad - it can help jaundice but UV in the lights can cause cancer
  • UV causes cancer but UV is only a small part of the sun
  • The sun in Australia - do we need to be more wary because of the ozone layer?
  • The benefits of rising with the sun - regulating our circadian rhythm and hormones
  • Is there such a thing as natural sunscreen? The AM sunlight is designed to protect your skin ready for the midday sun
  • You can only get DHA (Omega 3) is through seafood
  • DHA is the most important food that we need to consume - it’s responsible for photoreceptors in your retinas and communicating
  • What motivates Jason each morning - every second person he known is sick, taking supplements or medicine
  • Learning to change our environment and building resilience to the technology-driven life we’ve chosen
  • Three key habits that Jason has that move the needle the most - morning sunrise, having a sleep sanctuary and cut out negativity from your life

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