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Chen Lizra Interview – Somatic Intelligence: Tapping Into Your Body’s Wisdom

We’re big believers in connecting the mind and body and the many benefits that come with that. Our guest in this episode is one of the best at creating balance in the body and mind and is here to share her secrets with us.

Chen Lizra is a life coach, an award-winning social entrepreneur, the best selling author of ‘My Seductive Cuba - A Unique Travel Guide’ and a professional dancer. We met Chen Lizra at A Fest in Bali in 2018 and have been obsessed with her work ever since. 

Since 2010, she has been helping people who struggle to return to their true selves through the power of somatic intelligence. She’s developed new techniques that are literally transforming people’s lives everyday.

Chen’s process is about bodywork and experience for clients around the world, for which she has gained serious traction leading to her incredibly popular TED talk boasting 8.5 million views, and unique keynote presentations to audiences around the world. 

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Episode highlights:

  • An introduction to Chen and what she does for clients around the world
  • Being famous vs being popular - Chen doesn't want to be famous
  • The meaning of somatic intelligence - wisdom within your body
  • Chen is constantly listening to her body and never disconnects
  • Approaching somatic intelligence from our imprint - everybody has an imprint created from the way they were born, how they were raised, and the good and bad things that happened to them growing up
  • Interpreting the world as we grow up based on our experiences
  • Somatic freezes and emotional blocks and why you need to find them and release them to really impact your performance
  • A story about Chen’s time at A Fest in Bali working with a member of the audience
  • Creating emotional anchors with pride and not confusing pride with arrogance
  • Embody what you want to do to become your most powerful
  • Chen’s work through the body as opposed to the mind - the ability to shift things faster when feeling it through the body
  • Sabrosura - the sensuality within us and learning how to tap into it
  • Sexual energy in business - a missed opportunity because of negative connotations and experiences
  • The benefits of tapping into your own attractiveness
  • Embodying is all about living with the experience in your body, not just thinking about it
  • Three things Chen does every day to stay on top - meditation, listening to her body and working through the elements through her body work
  • Chen’s rule for relationships: never talk while you’re angry
  • Why Chen does what she does -
  • A free gift from Chen - 6 Insight Practices

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